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Meet the New School. Mimio.

Whether it's whole-group or small-group instruction, formative assessment, collaborative learning, or student-centered adaptive instruction, Mimio solutions help teachers put these strategies into action, easily and affordably.

Introducing new products from Mimio, to help you build a world-class classroom. With Mimio teaching solutions, it really is possible.

MimioProjector interactive projector:
Connects with your teachers’ computers and uses the conventional dry erase boards you already have.
  MimioPad wireless pen tablet:
Control the whiteboard from anywhere in the classroom – wirelessly. What’s more, students can now collaborate – right from their desks. 
  MimioMobile iPad app:
Allows teachers and students to control the front of the class from anywhere in the class. It offers formative assessment and collaborative learning sessions.
  MimioStudio classroom software:
A single software program automatically integrates the entire MimioClassroom™ family of products. Its intuitive simplicity will be familiar to anyone who uses a computer.

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